Cigar Review – AVO 80th Anniversary Belicoso

We all have those days, where you walk into the humidor and you want something different, something you have not tried yet. After a few minutes at the local shop, I happen upon the new AVO 80th Belicoso. Nice looking, unique and a limited run, hmmm…let’s give this a run.
So here are the particulars (courtesy of the fine folks at Famous Smoke Shop)
6 x 52
Country of Origin:
Dominican Republic
Wrapper Color:
Wrapper Origin:
Wrapper Leaf Type:


Ok, the first thing when picking up a $15 cigar is to take a look at how it’s constructed. Looks good, firm but with a fair amount of give. A few veins but overall a good looking stick, a little light in color but otherwise well constructed. Ok, let’s get to clipping and smoking.

Used the trusty xikar punch and put fire to foot. Cigar gave off a nice aroma and lit easily and even. My first thought are, “this is a fairly light cigar”. That’s not a bad thing just not what I expected. After reading reviews online I was expecting a cigar with some umph.


Now, we are at the shop saving the world one stick at a time, so there is a lot of conversation going on. And 20 minutes into the AVO, I’m noticing a theme developing: the cigar is light, has an easy draw and a little bit of sweetness. Not sure if it’s the Pepsi but there is definitely a sweet end to this cigar.


I’ve now realized that its not the Pepsi, as a matter of the soda is somewhat overpowering the cigar. Not in a bad, bland way but I would have to disagree that this is a “full flavored” cigar. Tasty, sure. Spicy, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is no DL 700.

Again, that’s not a bad thing. For those who enjoy a good mid-day cigar, the AVO is a winner. Would I have one after a Porterhouse or with a double of Glenfiddich, no.


The finish is just what the rest of the cigar was; good and well mannered. A good burner, never overpowering and smooth.

You know, when you rate something a good rating system would help. Thumbs up or down? too trite. A star system? Overused. How’s this:

Poor – Don’t burn
Decent – Try only if the price is right
Good – Buy a few, smoke one now and put two in your humidor
Great – Buy a box.

That’s way too complicated. This is a good cigar, I’d buy 2 or 3 and let them marinate for a few months and see if that sweet flavor gives way to more full power.

Spatula man


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